16S rRNA Refseq V15.23 Genomic RefSeq V10.1

Posters Related to HOMD Available for Download

2014 AADR Prevalence of Uncultivated Oral Taxa in Distinct Oral Niches F.E. Dewhirst, H. Hasturk, M.L. Toscano, C.M. Murphy, K. Krishnan, and T. Chen
2014 AADR The Human Oral Microbiome Database: Updates and New Features Liang Yang, Tsute Chen, Jacques Izard, Anne Tanner, William Wade, Bruce Paster, and Floyd E. Dewhirst
2014 AADR A Comprehensive Approach for Profiling Human Oral Microbiome with NGS 16S rRNA data Tsute Chen, Jon McCafferty*, and Floyd E. Dewhirst
2012 ASM Canine Oral Bacteria Identified in Human Skin Microbiome Libraries Floyd E. Dewhirst
2012 AADR The Human Oral Microbiome: A Status Report J.M. BLANTON, A.T. KIREGA, L. YANG, T. CHEN, C. LEONETTI, A. TANNER, W. WADE, B.J. PASTER, F.E. DEWHIRST, and J. IZARD
2012 AADR Identification of Oral Taxa from Rare Phyla/Candidate Divisions Anuj Camanocha and Floyd E. Dewhirst

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